It’s fundamental that each fach (operatic voice type) has a strong aria in English. Almost each program will request one, so underneath are some acceptable collection choices to consider.


For soprano:

“Laurie’s Song” from Aaron Copland’s “The Tender Land”

This is a delightful aria to flaunt a youthful verse soprano!

For mezzo:

“Must the Winter Come So Soon?” from Samuel Barber’s “Vanessa”

This melody is short, has a beautiful line, and is age suitable. This is actually the kind of thing an artist needs for a Young Artist Program.

For tenor:

“Forlorn House” from “Road Scene” by Kurt Weill

This is another aria that is age proper. Also, for verse tenors, this will show you off like nothing else, both vocally and significantly.

For baritone:

“Warm as the Autumn Light” from Douglas Moore’s “The Ballad of Baby Doe”

This melody has a taking off vocal line to flaunt your strong center voice! At just shy of three minutes, this is one more ideal decision for a tryout melody.



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